Old Royal Stables, Berlin, c.1935

‘Der Alter Marstall’



berlin alter marstall

The Old Stables, or Alter Marstall, were built betwenn 1665 and 1670 for the Electors of Brandenburg, later the Hohenzollern Kings of Prussia, a short distance from the Berlin City Palace. They stood on the site of their medieval predecessors which burned down in 1660. There were two internal courtyard surrounded by numerous stables, rooms for keeping carriages and tack, and an armory. They were superceded at the end of the 19th century by the New Stables which faced the City Palace. The Old Stables were severely damaged during World War Two but have been partially restored in a simplified form. Unfortunately the wonderful, horse-themed sculptural group within the pediment was destroyed during the war and not replaced afterwards. The Old Stables are now the earliest surviving Baroque structure in Berlin.


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