‘Salle de la Paix’, Lost Interiors of the Tuileries

‘Salle de la Paix’

Florent Grau


salon de la paix florent grau 1856

‘Salon de la Paix’


salon de la paix

Although it was within the walls of Louis XIV’s Baroque palace, the Peace Hall was another First Empire creation of Percier and Fontaine for Napoleon at the start of the 19th century. It was a vast gallery decorated with pilasters supporting a richly-coffered ceiling. The room got its name from a silver statue of Peace by the sculptor Antoine-Denis Chaudet which stood at one end of the hall. The statue was cast in 1806-1807 on Napoleon’s orders to commemorate the Treaty of Amiens. The treaty of 1802 saw the end to hostilities between Britain and the French Republic. This exceptional statue was fortunately removed from the hall prior to 1871 and can be seen today in The Louvre. The Salle de la Paix was destroyed during the Paris Commune.


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