The End of the Tuileries, c.1872

‘Palais des Tuileries’


tuileries destroyed c1871

The fractured remains of the Tuileries shown in a stereograph taken after the Paris Commune of 1871. It’s easy to see how the heat from the fire has fractured the fluted columns in the foreground. The palace was extensively damaged and most of the interiors were destroyed. However the shell of the building and some of the rooms remained intact and there were calls for its restoration. Among those in favour of rebuilding were Baron Hausmann, the architect Viollet-de-Duc and other members of France’s architectural community. Great was their outrage when the National Assembly voted in favour of the palace’s total demolition. Work started in February 1883 and on 30 September the last of the Tuileries was cleared away. Bits of it are now scattered around France and the recent calls for its reconstruction have come to nothing. Along with the destruction of the chateau at Saint-Cloud, the destruction of the Tuileries was probably France’s biggest cultural loss since the French Revolution.


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