Saalgasse, Frankfurt: Before & After World War Two



frankfurt saalgasse before



frankfurt saalgasse after

The stereoraphs show the small square at the top of Saalgasse, the narrow lane seen disappearing in the background. On the south side of the square once stood the Holy Ghost Hospital until its demolition in 1840. The hospital was commemorated in the Holy Ghost water fountain which stood in the square, visible in both stereoviews, and which was topped with a Rococo statue of Virtue. The two large houses on the far left were built in the 16th century and were known as The Three Fishes. In 1772 the one on the right was owned by a butcher for whom Goethe won his first case during his short-lived career as a lawyer. The Saalgase and all its ancient houses was destroyed in 1944 but the statue in the centre was salvaged. The area has since been rebuilt in a Post-Modernist style.


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