‘St George & the Dragon’, Berlin City Palace, c.1875

‘Statue des Heiligen Georg’

J. F. Stiehm


statue st george stadtschloss berlin

This rare stereograph shows one of the inner courtyards of the immense Berliner Stadtschloss, the Berlin City Palace, which once stood in the centre of the city. The palace was built over the course of 500 years, starting in the 15th century with the most extensive additions made around 1700. It was originally the residence of the Prince Electors of Brandenburg but was upgraded to a Royal palace when Elector Frederick III became King of Prussia in 1701. It was Frederick I of Prussia who commissioned Andreas Schlüter, one of Germany finest Baroque sculptors and architects, to enlarge the palace on a colossal scale. The palace was severely damaged during World War Two and the remains were demolished in 1950. The statue shown in the stereoview was the creation of August Kiß and was installed in the courtyard in 1855. The statue survived the war and, after some restoration, was relocated to a Berlin park.


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