‘The Horse Tamers’, Berlin City Palace, c.1890

‘King’s Palace Entrance in Berlin’


the horse tamers stadtschloss rossebandiger

This rather poor quality stereograph shows the north side of the Berlin City Palace. The Stadtschloss had achieved something close to its final form by the mid-18th century but the two wonderful equestrian statues were much later. They were called ‘The Horse Tamers’ and were made by the Russian Peter Clodt von Jurgensburg, the favourite sculptor of Tsar Nicholas I, around 1850. The two statues were given by the tsar to the Prussian king, Friedrich Wilhem IV, and installed on the northern facade of the Stadtschloss (slightly later copies also exist in St. Petersburg and Naples). Although the palace was severely damaged during World War Two, and later demolished, the statues survived and can be seen at Heinrich von Kleist Park in Berlin. It’s possible that the statues will return to their original position when the reconstruction of the palace’s exterior is completed.


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