Berlin City Palace, Germany, c.1900

‘Royal Palace, Berlin, Germany’

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berlin schloss

Unfortunately none of the more easily available stereographs of the exterior of the Berlin Stadtschloss work particularly well as an animated stereo image. There is often the lack of perspective necessary to throw the foreground and background away from each other, and the sheer size of the building was probably another factor. I’ve added this image to show something of the problem. The structure to the right was the colossal Kaiser Wilhem Monument, only a small part of which is shown in the stereoview. It was completed in 1897. It faced the palace’s Eosander Portal, designed by Johann Eosander and completed c.1710. Its three arched entrances and classical motifs were based on the Arch of Septimius Severus in Rome. The palace’s dome was (to my mind) a rather regrettable addition from the mid-19th century. Both the Wilhem Monument and the Eosander Portal survived World War Two relatively intact but they were both demolished along with the rest of the palace in the 1950s.


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