Weberhaus, Augsburg: Before & After World War Two



augsburg weberhaus before



augsburg weberhaus after

The Weberhaus, or weavers’ house, was the guildhall of the weavers of Augsburg. The first structure on the site dated to 1389. It was used by the weavers until the guild was dissolved in 1548 after which it was puchased by the city. Between 1605 and 1607 the exterior received a series of frescos by Johann Matthias Kager. Unfortunately the original structure was demolished in 1913 and replaced with a building in a similar style (shown in the first stereoview). This too had decorated exterior walls by the artist August Brandes. The Weberhaus was destroyed along with much of Augsburg’s city centre during World War Two but both the building and its exterior decoration were reconstructed in 1959.


‘Augsburg – Ancient Homes of the Patricians’, c.1930

‘Augsburg – Ancient Homes of the Patricians’



augsburg patrician houses

This stereoview shows the view up Karolinenstraße in Augsburg. Until World War Two the street was lined with the Renassiance and Baroque houses of former patricians and merchants. The Renaissance town hall and Pelachturm, a 70m watchtower, can be seen to the left. Karolinenstraße was almost completely destroyed during World War Two. The tower and town hall have been reconstructed to their pre-war appearance but the street has retained little of its former historical character.

Augsburg Panorama, 1908

‘Old watch tower, cathedral and town hall, Augsburg, Germany’

Underwood & Underwood


augsburg overview

The stereoview shows the rooftops of Augsburg’s city centre. The tower almost in the centre is the Pelachturm, a 70m watchtower first built in the late 10th century. Next to the tower is the facade of the vast town hall, built in the early 17th century and one of the most significant secular Renaissance structures in northern Europe. The cathedral can be seen on the horizon. Augsburg was used by the Wehtmacht and the city, formerly one of the most beautiful in Germany, was heavily bombed. Most of central Augsburg was destroyed but the town hall and Pelachturm have been reconstructed.