Amalienborg Palace, Copenhagen, c.1930



copenhagen royal palace

The rococo Amalienborg Palace is the winter residence of the Danish royal family. Located in Copenhagen it was originally constructed between 1750 and 1760 as four separate palaces, each one the residence of Danish noblemen, the buildings facing each other across an octagonal courtyard like an early sort of housing estate. The four palaces were Moltke’s Palace, Levetzau’s Palace, Brockdorff’s Palace and Schak’s Palace. Although they look identical the palace’s all had different interiors, with Moltke’s Palace being the most lavish. The Danish King Christian VII moved his family into the Moltke and Schak Palaces following a devastating fire at Christiansborg Palace in 1794. The royal family acquired the remaining two mansions and the entire complex assumed the status of a royal palace. The stereograph shows just one part of one quarter of the original four-palace scheme. Many of the original interiors remain and the palace buildings are open to the public for guided tours.