Frankfurt across the Main, c.1905

‘Frankfurt am Main – View towards the city from Sachsenhausen’

Neue Photographische Gesellschaft


frankfurt river view

The stereograph shows the view across the River Main towards Frankfurt’s city centre. The tall tower on the right belonged to St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral. I’m not sure what they’re up to in the foreground.


Panorama over Nuremberg (South), c.1865

A Braun


nuremberg a braun

This early stereoview from c.1865 shows the view south across Nuremberg. The Church of St. Sebaldus is in the foreground. Its great barn-like chancel was added between 1358 and 1379. At the end of the the chancel can be seen a long, Renaissance building, part of Nuremberg’s town hall added by Jakob Wolff in the early 17th century. In the distance are the towers of St. Lorenz’s Church. Everything shown was almost entirely destroyed in 1945 but at least the town hall and churches have since been reconstructed.

Panorama Over Nuremberg (North), c.1865

G. Schmidt


nuremberg c schmidt

A great early view over the medieval rooftops of pre-war Nuremberg looking north towards the castle on the horizon. The city was one of the architectural and cultural wonders of Europe, almost entirely unchanged since the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The 15th century twin towers of St Sebaldus Church are on the right. Around 90% of the city centre was destroyed during a major air-raid in January 1945. Although the city’s churches and the castle were reconstructed after the war the vast majority of Nuremberg’s medieval houses disappeared forever.

Augsburg Panorama, 1908

‘Old watch tower, cathedral and town hall, Augsburg, Germany’

Underwood & Underwood


augsburg overview

The stereoview shows the rooftops of Augsburg’s city centre. The tower almost in the centre is the Pelachturm, a 70m watchtower first built in the late 10th century. Next to the tower is the facade of the vast town hall, built in the early 17th century and one of the most significant secular Renaissance structures in northern Europe. The cathedral can be seen on the horizon. Augsburg was used by the Wehtmacht and the city, formerly one of the most beautiful in Germany, was heavily bombed. Most of central Augsburg was destroyed but the town hall and Pelachturm have been reconstructed.

View Across Cologne, 1859


cologne altstadt 1859

This early image shows the view across the ancient city centre of Cologne with the cathedral in the background. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Germany’s most-visited attraction, the present cathedral was begun in 1248 but not finished until 1880. Its two towers weren’t built when the stereoview was taken. The cathedral was damaged during World War Two but has since been restored. The rest of the city centre was almost completely flattened, most notably during a so-called ’1000 bomber raid’ in May 1942.