The Kaiserstallung, Nuremberg, c.1865


G. Schmidt


nuremberg castle schmidt

The Kaiserstallung (Emperor’s Stables) was located next to Nuremberg’s medieval castle. Despite the name, the Kaiserstallung was built between 1494 and 1495 to serve as a gigantic granary. Part of it was also used to stable the emperor’s horses during imperial visits to the castle, which is how the building acquired its title. One distinctive feature was the five storey attic with windows at each level. The tower at the far end, with little turrets at each corner, was built in 1377 as part of the castle’s defences. The Kaiserstallung was converted into a youth hostel in 1938 but was almost completely destroyed during an air-raid in 1945. The exterior was reconstucted to its pre-war appearance and today the Kaiserstallung is once again used as a youth hostel.


The Altes Rathaus, Dresden, c.1905


Neue Photographische Gesellschaft


dresden rathaus

This stereograph shows the view across the Old Market in Dresden with the Rathaus (Town Hall) in the background. It’s the large building with the cupola. This was in fact the Old Town Hall as by 1910 a new one had been built elsewhere in the city centre. The Old Town Hall dated from 1740s and was designed by the Dresden architect Johann Christoph Knöffel. It was lost during a series of air-raids that took place between 13-15 February 1945. The resulting firestorm killed around 25,000 people and destroyed 39 square kilometres of the city, including almost everything in the Baroque city centre. Like most other buildings in the Old Market, the rathaus wasn’t reconstructed in the post-war period.